Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized In India

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Importance Of legalization The Use Of Marijuana

Cannabis is popularly known as marijuana. It is considered an illegal drug. About 125 million people consume it in some way or another. Inhaling marijuana allows people to experience the sensation of ecstasy. Though it is an illegal drug in India, still people are getting drugs from black marketers.

It consists of 450 chemical compounds. Many reports have shown that it does not allow people to get on high. Marijuana can be injected into the body or one can take it by smoking. In western countries, after populating marijuana the crime rate came down. India should also think about this and the reasons are:

Elimination of Illegal Trade and Crimes

India is one of the biggest hubs of illegal trade. It is the large scale of the population that makes India one of the biggest markets in the world. People even produce marijuana in their own backyard hiding it from others. If the police get to know, they hardly take action. Local police get benefits for this as they are generating money from this.

But if the Indian government legalized marijuana all the black marketers would be gone. Once they cut the black marketers the crime would automatically come down. Yes, there should be some laws that the government can implement. People also have to take responsibility for not getting addicted to it.

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Revenue Generation

If the government starts trading marijuana in a legal way it will generate billions of dollars in revenue from it. All this money was going to the hands of the black marketers previously. The government can have a monopoly by taking the power of trading.

Many youths are ready to pay any price to get cannabis. Here, the government can generate money from them and use it in different sectors like public health, education, beautification, etc. A recent study has shown that Delhi is the third-largest marijuana consumer in the world behind New York and Karachi.

Medical Benefits

The study has proved that it has an immense effect on medicine. The compounds that it contains can cure many diseases. It can cure people of glaucoma. It also restricts cancer from spreading. Marijuana is also effective on anxiety and strengthening bones.

Job Opportunities:
India has been facing an employment crisis for a long time. If the government allows people to sell marijuana it will create job opportunities. The locals would benefit from this. Farmers who are selling it now have to sell it at a low price, but if it is legalized, they will sell it at a much higher price.


Indians have been using marijuana for centuries as it is in our tradition. We have been using it for religious purposes. As it is more like a blessing than a curse the government should break the myth and legalize it in India.

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