Understanding the Meaning of Content Writing

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What is Content Writing?

Content is something that we use to benefit the company or organization. It should write in a way that attracts people and makes an impact on the growth of the sale of the company’s product. 


  1. Content Research – When you want to write content the first step has to be the research part. There might be a possibility that you don’t know about the subject. So, you have to do research. And how are you gonna do this? By reading articles, and blogs and watching various YouTube videos.
  2. Keywords Research- There are thousands and lakhs of articles and blogs on Google. To stand out among them you have to use keywords in your articles or blogs. There are a few tools that you can use for free to find out appropriate keywords for your Content. We will discuss the tools later.

 Now, coming to the next point which is the most important one.

  1. Writing – Now the time has come to take out your writer self. 
  • Try to write engaging content.
  • Use words that sound great and eye-catchy.
  • Be creative when you are writing.
  • The content should be plagiarism-free.


It is a term commonly used in content writing. People tend to copy phrases or lines from another article or blog. If you have done this in your articles then I feel sorry for you. Google bot can easily find out that you copied it from another place and your content fails to stand out. You can take influence from another website but you can’t copy it. As a content writer you have to be smart enough to know where to crave it. 

  1. Edit- Once you are done with your content then submit it. If they ask for changes don’t hesitate to edit those parts even if they look interesting. Sometimes you might feel that your creativity will turn down if you edit those things. Remember that the content you are writing is for another company.
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The full form of SEO is Search engine optimization. It comes basically under Digital Marketing. Content writing is a huge factor in SEO. 

There are two types of SEO-  On-Page SEO and  OFF-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO- It mainly focuses on the content and structure of the website.

How does it work?

  • Make a website.
  • Add relevant articles or blogs and pictures.
  • Do keywords research for your content
  • Try to design your website in a unique way.
  • Try to spread awareness and educate your audience through the articles.
  • Structure your article in a proper manner with all types of tags.
  • Monitor the footfall on your website and especially the timing like how much time one person is spending on your website. Collect as much data as you can.
  • You do have knowledge about your competitors.

OFF-Page SEO-  It is more about the things that you do outside your website. It mainly looks after who and from where you are getting recognition from. Or who is vouching for you?

How does it work?

  • List your product on different business directories.
  • Make short and catchy content.
  • Look for sites where you can publish your articles(Guest posting).

Social Media- Even a large number of people work as social media writers. Social media is trending. You can reach your targeted audience through it. People love to see tweaked captions. Nowadays social media has become a marketplace to sell your products. So you must have good writers who can attract customers through their eye-catchy captions.

Tools- Now you should have a flair knowledge about some tools you can use to write content.

  • To Check Grammar –  Grammarly and Google Docs
  • For Keywords Research-  Google Search and Trends,  Ubersuggest,  Wordtracker, and, Answer The Public.
  • Photo Edit-  Canva, PicsArt, and, Photoshop.
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