4 Top Discord Servers for Fortnite Game

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With our last List of Discord Servers for Minecraft, comes our next list for our beloved Gamer Friends!

Now Discord has really become the go-to place for all gamers. Be it PC games, console games, and browser games, you can find people on Discord to be your partners.

This kind of Server and Community is great for Professional Players. It helps them improve their gameplay.

So here we gathered a list of the best servers for you.

The list for Top Fortnite Discord Servers 2022

Official Discord Server

What is at the top, then the official server itself? Epic game has started a Discord server for the fans.
This is the most active group on the whole list.

With over 780,000 members and they do have separate channels for different kinds of game modes. So, that’s a Bonus.

It is a no-brainer for any Fortnite player.

Link – https://discord.com/invite/fortnite

East Open

This is a very popular EU-based Open Fornite Community.

As a player, if you’re looking to improve your skills, this is one of the best servers that you can find for practice scrims in the East region.
Also, it has some real scrim rules that you need to abide by.

There is a separate channel for Looking for players and also channels for Solo players and all.
So it is a good place!

Link – https://discord.com/invite/nascrims

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Elite Customs

This is a major European Discord server for Fortnite.
It has been one of the most popular Discord servers for Scrim matches.

These matches can help you a lot before a professional match.
Also, you need to go through the verification process by “Yunite 16”, and then only you can enter.
So linking your Epic games account with Discord is a necessity here.

Link – https://discord.com/invite/fn

G2 Atlantis

This server moves the focus from Europe to the North American region.
It also has the same scrim matches and you will get a server with over 250,000 members.

Like the last one, it does require verification from “Yunite 16” and this is all to stop spamming.

So, just go and join this server and start practicing.

Link – https://discord.com/invite/atlantisscrims

I hope, all these servers will do justice to your Gameplay. So Good Luck!

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