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Every Mac comes with Apple’s Mail, a free native email program that is a good default option for most users, especially those utilizing iCloud. Apple Mail for macOS hasn’t had significant updates in a while, in contrast to other stock programs like Safari and Notes. The email software is deficient in several key areas, including features like “Scheduling” and “Smart inbox management,” in addition to having a confusing user interface. Not to add, it receives a poor grade for its ability to integrate with outside productivity tools.

So, if you are done with all these drawbacks and looking for a few great alternatives. Then we bring the best third-party email programs for macOS and iOS for a better experience.


Spark is a powerful desktop email client for Mac that is free (in a restricted way), enabling you to automatically arrange inboxes, postpone emails, and send one-click replies to your contacts. Important messages are bubbled to the top using its “Smart Inbox” sorting tool, which employs buckets including Personal, Newsletters, and Notifications.
Emails can also be scheduled. Similar to this, Spark can remind you to follow up if you send an email but don’t hear back. If you rely on email to expand your business and connect with new partners and clients, this tool could be a lifesaver in and of itself.

For shared email platforms with capabilities like collaborative composing and private commenting in mini chat windows, organizations can use Spark for Teams. Additionally, you can ask coworkers to participate and edit your emails.

So, try this one. One of the best

Newton Mail

Newton Mail would easily take first place in the comparison if I were to choose an Apple Mail rival only on the basis of speed and responsiveness. The email client not only has a gorgeous layout, but it also has a tonne of top-notch functionality that help you manage emails however you like.
The “recap” function of this programme, which automatically brings back discussions to which you need to respond as soon as possible, has also caught my attention. You won’t overlook any mails as a result.
In comparison to Apple Mail, Newton Mail has a more effective tool for keeping your inbox organised and free of unsolicited emails. As a result, you can ignore the irrelevant emails and concentrate on the important ones. You may easily complete tasks like project management, note-taking, and team collaboration with the help of the integration with numerous apps including Trello, OneNote, Asana, and Evernote.

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Our list of the best Apple Mail alternatives for Mac wouldn’t be complete without an Apple-centric email client. Many of the apps featured in this article offer apps not only on macOS but also on other platforms. However, AirMail is dedicated only to Apple’s desktop and mobile operating systems.
You should first be aware that AirMail won Apple’s Design Award, which says a lot. Its macOS application is flawless in every way. Although it starts off as a simple solution, you may customise it in any way to make it more effective. Aside from unparalleled personalization, you also receive various inbox types, actions and rules, plugins that increase the functionality of AirMail, and more.

Unlike Apple’s Mail application, AirMail offers a useful widget. Without interfering with your workflow, you can utilize it as your inbox to check your messages. Additionally, you can snooze emails, send emails and responses later, block tracking pixels, and stop photos from loading in order to preserve your privacy.


Postbox offers robust tools for more efficient email management and looks much better than Apple Mail. This email client lets you group your emails by topic, which is great with multiple email accounts. You can also divide your tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks for better organization.
Despite lacking crucial capabilities like Send Later and Snooze, Postbox stands out thanks to features like pre-made responses. The standout feature is Account Groups, which let you unite your accounts into a single box and organized divide, or combine your work. Additionally, there is a Focus Pane where you may rapidly filter emails to discover what you’re looking for. The amount of time you spent writing emails is displayed in a handy time tracker, and the word count is also provided. Domain fence ensures that you send emails to the correct recipients before you click “Send.”
So, a bit more advance in terms of features. Thus a good one.

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Now, you can choose the best depending upon your needs. Hope it will be helpful.

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