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Reddit is one of the most beloved apps and the community has also got a name for itself. They call themselves, Redditors.
Now, here people go to discover everything news on the internet and world and also get into a lot of discussions.
You will get everything here, be it in tech, finance, politics, and anything and everything that you can think of.
One of its features that attracts a lot of people is its option to be anonymous during any kind of discussion. It allows people to feel and express their true opinion on subjects.
The bad news is that since last year, Reddit has been seeing a decline in its active users and a lot of people are closing their accounts.
But, there are still many people who wish to be on a platform like Reddit, and we have got you covered.
We bring to you the Top 5 websites similar to Reddit.

Here is the list

Top 5 Websites Similar to Reddit


A very well know website and got a ton of active users. If you ever do anything online, then you must have been to this website for the answer.
You can ask simple questions, answer questions, and can join any good discussions over here. I believe this can be a great knowledge base for anyone who wants to find answers to anything.


This is a growing name in the field of news aggregation websites where you can read and share information.
It has got recent funding and has been getting a good hold of the market since then.
The whole UI will give you a feel of home since it does match a lot of features like Reddit.
So, this will be a must-try.

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Product Hunt 

Your hunt for the best product in different categories ends here.
You can find a list of amazing products such as awesome mobile apps, super games, and much more. You can also make your own lists and share them with the rest of the globe. This includes you leaving good comments on people’s lists. So, just go a discover the greatest of products.

Hacker News

By far the most simple news aggregator site you will ever find. It does everything so simple and will show you whatever is necessary.
Nothing fancy, all you get is good quality tech news from across the world. It is the place for geeks and you will find the most popular list on the top of the list, so missing out on anything important is practically out of the question. Here you can comment and participate in any kind of discussion. So all and all a great place.


Super popular community and has been loved by a ton.
4Chan is an imageboard that allows users to publish images to their favorite boards and you can also leave good comments on others’ posts. Now the plus point is, that anyone can post a comment and even submit photos without even creating an account.
You will find different boards for different things like Music, tech, movies, and so on and so forth.
So, just go for it.


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