Top 5 Places To Visit In North East India

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Best Places To Visit In North East India

There are numerous breathtaking locations in the world, including Kaziranga National Park, Tsomgo Lake, Yumthang Valley, Cherrapunji, Tawang Monastery, Nathula Pass, Ziro Valley, Gurudongmar Lake, Teesta River, Loktak Lake, Majuli Islands, Gorichen Peak, and Sela Pass. In terms of tranquil waterfalls, living root bridges, caves in the Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia hills, and lakes like Umiam, Meghalaya is not far behind. There are a variety of attractions in Arunachal Pradesh, including the Nuranang Falls, Nagula Lake, Tawang Monastery, and Wildlife Park.
Aside from these states, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur, and Tripura also have a lot to offer, such as the Tripura Sundari Temple, Kangla Fortress, Dimapur, and Reiek Heritage Village. We sincerely hope you won’t wish to stop by your house any longer.

Kaziranga National Park(Assam)

It is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in North East India. This unbroken acres-long stretch of forests and marshlands is situated in the centre of Assam. A popular sight in Kaziranga is the well-known one-horned rhino, a globally endangered species.

Other animals that can be spotted on a safari include elephants, wild water buffalo, and swamp deer. To tour the park, you can either reserve an elephant safari or a jeep safari. It is the pride of Assam and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is 193 km away from Guwahati.

Best time to visit: November to April

Tawang Monastery(Arunachal Pradesh)

This monastery may be found in Tawang, a highland village 10,000 feet above sea level. Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang Monastery, known as the birthplace of the Dalai Lama and the biggest Buddhist monastery in the nation, is a major historical site.

The charming and gorgeous village of Tawang, also known as Dawang, is perched at a height of 3048 metres above sea level and is home to monks. The 400-year-old monastery is regarded as the second-largest in the entire world after Lhasa. It is the first tourist destination that visitors to the Tawang town of North East India visit. It is around 7 km away from Tawang.

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Best time to visit: November to March

Ziro Valley(Arunachal Pradesh)

The Apatani tribe has the highest population in Ziro Valley, a flat area surrounded by mountains that protrude into the sky. There are about five towns there. This tribe is cordial, and Ziro is the ideal location for the music festival every year. One of the nicest sites to visit in North East India is the verdant rice fields, the orderly tribal homes, the brilliant and colourful tribal clothing, and accessories.

If you have the time, go shopping for clothing, bamboo products like baskets, and handmade handicrafts manufactured by Apatani people. It’s a location where you can visit and spend days there in total tranquilly. As a result, it is considered to be among the top tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh. It is around 110 km away from Itanagar.

Best time to visit: During the entire year. The Ziro Music Festival is primarily held in September and October.

Nohkalikai Falls(Meghalaya)

It is ranked as the fourth highest waterfall in the world and plunges from a height of 1100 feet. From Cherrapunji, it is only a 5-kilometer drive and a short hike to the ultramarine pool.

The viewing gallery is the greatest place to take in the breathtaking vista of Noh Ka Likai Falls. It is better to come in the spring because it is typically clouded over throughout the monsoon and winter months.

Best time to visit: September to March

Cherrapunji & Mawsynram(Meghalaya)

Cherrapunjee is conveniently positioned on the edge of the Himalayas, which loom over Bangladesh’s pancake-low lying plains, and is spread out along the razor-sharp ridges of a massive mountain wall. This charming village was formerly thought to be the wettest location on earth due to the heavy monsoon rains it experiences. The breathtaking beauty that becomes extraordinary at the Dympep viewpoint is passed through on the road that connects Shillong with this tiny settlement. A picturesque V-shaped valley that cuts deeply into the plateau can be seen here.

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The overused moniker “Scotland of the East” for Meghalaya is amply justified by the lovely green environs of Cherrapunjee. Here, the Nohkalikai Falls are very impressive, especially during the monsoon season when they are filled with 20 times as much water as usual. From the viewpoint, which is situated on a plateau at the 4.4 km mountainous distance from the Sohra market, these may be seen. Here, you can hire a local taxi to take you to the viewpoint. The series of “Grand Canyon” gorges that are found nearby and continue to drop into the lush chasms of the tropical forests are more significant than this.

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