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You got to buy a new phone and now you have to sell old phone.
But whom to sell and at what price?
There are a number of online stores that provide reasonable pricing and are suitable for selling used phones if you want to sell your old phone without much hassle before you move on to acquire a new one. Additionally, the rate you receive will typically be higher than the exchange rate that e-commerce players give for particular goods.

Thus we have built the best list of the top websites that could provide a respectable quote if you want to sell or recycle your old phone in India.


The site Sell Used Mobiles is possibly the most well-known in this market. Simply search for your phone or other device (the website deals in desktops, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, tablets, and iMacs), respond to a few short questions to describe its condition, and you’ll receive a quote.
Cashify was among the highest-paying apps for a few of the phones we tested. You can order a smartphone repair service from the website and have it delivered right to your house.
So you got to try these.

Recycle Device

This is quite similar to Cashify.
Quite a trustworthy site. You can sell used mobile and has been known to be a good alternative to Cashify.
These two provide almost the same kind of value to the consumer.
Now you can sell a lot of your old devices and can simply search for devices on their platform.

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Another website that takes used phones is Budli. If your phone model is available, you can enter your information to get its cash equivalent. The Budli staff will get back to you within 72 hours if you seek a quote for a less well-known model.
You will receive a shipping label through email if you decide to accept the quote, and you must attach it to the package containing your phone and other documentation. Within 24 hours of receiving your package from your doorstep, shipping it, and having it inspected, money will be paid to your bank account.


The popular e-commerce site recently announced the launch of its “Sell Back Program,” which gives users a platform to sell their used smartphones and receive the appropriate buy-back value in the form of a Flipkart E-Gift voucher. Whether or whether the phone was purchased through Flipkart, the program will be available for all phones. 1700 Indian pin codes currently have the program active.
You can select sell back from the given options. Just find out the market value of your phone by answering a few questions only and if you like it. Then just go for it.

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