Top 4 SHAREit Alternatives for 2022

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SHAREit, is one of the most used and loved the file-sharing app.
SHAREit is as fast as Whatsapp, although it only transfers files. However, with subsequent app updates and Google tightening security reigns with every new Android version, the experience isn’t anywhere as seamless as it used to be. The app now incessantly pushes ads, even the intrusive ones in the notification shade, which can be really annoying. And it’s also on the list of Chinese apps that have been banned in India.

It is not the best choice anymore

So, here are some alternatives to SHAREit


The app was developed by Indians, is named Share ALL.
According to the official website, offline Any form of file can be shared (including apps, videos, photographs, music, office documents, and PDFs) at any time and from any location without the need of mobile data. No need for cables or 3G or 4G. You can send files to a friend’s mobile device at any time or place. Any size or file format is acceptable. Sharell can finish the file exchange as quickly as possible, regardless of size. The application doesn’t need to be connected to the internet actively, according to the official website.
Thus making it a great alternative to SHAREit.


This is by far the best in terms of security.
By Google itself.
A fantastic file manager created specifically to clear out clutter on your Android phone is Google’s own Files Go. The software allows you to eliminate all of the hidden and discarded waste, including unused APK files, duplicate files, Good morning messages, etc., at once.

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A file transfer mechanism similar to Airdrop is also available in Files Go. Same old, same old Files go should be set up on both devices. The sender and receiver roles will be reversed. Once the connection has been approved by both devices, you can send and share documents, apps, and media like photographs and videos. The software is uncomplicated, safe, and clean.


JIOSwitch is another Indian software that offers SHAREit alternatives. According to the website, the application can be used for any type of file sharing. Both Android and iOS devices can use it.
There are no advertisements on the app. File transfers between iOS and Android are supported. File types and sizes are unrestricted.

This one is good, and about to get popularity


The simplest and quickest way to transfer files with anyone on the same local network is probably through ShareDrop, an HTML5 clone of AirDrop. All you have to do is go to the website and drag and drop files to your recipient.
Without needing to first upload them to a server, it enables immediate file transfers between devices. Peer-to-peer file transfers are made secure via WebRTC, while WebRTC signaling and presence management are handled by Firebase.

Hope you find this useful.

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