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We have already created a list of Top Free Cloud Storage, but we have decided to come again with yet another list. This list brings to you another Top 4 New Free Cloud Storage.
You can acquire virtually infinite cloud storage for backup purposes for free, to be more precise. Which one you choose will depend on your storage needs and how important extra capabilities like file management, sharing, security, and collaboration are to you.

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MediaFire is the service you should check out if you’re looking for a tonne of free cloud storage space as well as useful file management capabilities. Although it only provides 10 GB of free storage at first, you can grow it to 50 GB or more by downloading applications and referring friends.
Also, MediaFire makes it simple to share files and folders. You would value the 4G file upload restriction if you frequently need to upload large files.


One of the best services. When you join up for it, you receive 5 GB of free cloud storage. Sync offers tremendous flexibility in terms of handling files. You can establish shared folders and enable other users to interact with them based on your needs. Regardless of whether they utilize Sync or not, it enables you to exchange files with anyone. Sync restricts access using password-protected shares. You can even track the workings of the file sharing.


iCloud has long been a popular choice for people who are committed to the Apple ecosystem. Its flawless integration with iDevices like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac is its best feature. As a result, it can backup and sync your data more easily. Although 5 GB of cloud storage is disappointing, particularly if you need a lot of free space, it is thought to be safer and more privacy-focused. So, if you’re looking for a top-notch anti-hacking defense, this one can meet your needs. The security of iOS things is known to all.

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Icedrive offers a respectable 10 GB of free cloud storage as a start. Additionally, it enables you to stream your videos and music directly from your account without having to download them again. Those with whom you share your files can also enjoy this fluid play. It’s true what you just read! It does not require users to register in order to download and stream the files you share.

So, here is your extended list.

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