Top 4 Language Learning Apps | Free and Paid!

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Learning should be our second nature and people tend to stay happy when they learn new things.

We all crave to learn!

I have myself felt this.
And above all learning, learning a new language does bring immense joy within.

With a new language comes new culture and who doesn’t love to explore new cultures!

So, in search of a new language, we discovered a few of the best language learning apps for 2022.

Here is the list of Top 4 Language Learning Apps


This is the place for fun-vocab lessons. They are so known for their unique teaching techniques. This includes different memory techniques combined with algorithms to form a great learning experience. You will even get videos of native people with their real accents and culture. This provides an authentic learning experience.

This all makes it unique!


May be the most well-known of all. It is the Best Free App for a certain reason. With over 37 languages to choose from, this app can do wonders. Also, with built-in games, you will be more excited to complete the lessons.

My personal suggestion is to start with this app. you will love it.


Here when you sign up, it will ask you to select the language you wish to learn. The good thing is, it asks at what level you are right now. Advanced or just starting with the language. From there you can create a daily goal that helps you stay on track.

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So all and all a good app with lots of tools in the free version and also you can upgrade your plan to a premium one.


This app is by far the best all-around app in this category. It has everything for you to learn real quick.
With all the quiz elements, short breakdowns, and other interactive elements, thus makes sure to keep you on track. So, just join and start learning.

You can start free and can also upgrade with several packages.


So, start learning today!

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