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Grammarly, one of the most well-known and often used software programs for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checks is Grammarly.

By preventing minor errors like using a hyphen, comma, or capital letter, and providing a number of other writing suggestions, Grammarly makes your writing faultless and simpler. It also comes with a writing assistant powered by AI that assists you in producing error-free, concise writing at the appropriate times.

So, Grammarly being so good, why look for alternatives then?

Now, some of the reasons may be
1) The Premium Plans cost can a little too high for some
2) The feature limitation in the Free Version.

And few other feature addition can also help.

So, here we bring you the Top 4 Alternatives to Grammarly



ProWritingAid is a tool for editing, plagiarism detection, grammar checking, and style editing that can help you write English more effectively.
There are both free and paid versions of this feature-rich utility.

Some of the features
A) Checks all grammar errors
B) Checks Readability
C) Word Suggestions
D) Integration with other tools
and many more

By offering brand-specific comments,’s grammar checker aids your team in maintaining content quality consistency. You can create a unique style guide using it.

Some of the features
A) Special writing style for all
B) Easy Integration
C) You can review the text in accordance with the style manual for your business.
and many more

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Great writing assistant and grammar checker powered by AI. It uses a machine learning technique trained on millions of English sentences to catch 60% more language quality concerns than existing spelling and grammar checkers.

Some of the features
A) A great browser extension
B) Excellent in terms of Grammar checking and Spelling
C) Easy Integration
D) Autocomplete facility
and many more



Hemmingway has the property of giving readability a greater consideration. This grammar checker program focuses on long sentences, improper adverb usage, and difficult words.
By emphasizing adverbs, passive voices, and complex phrases, it helps you make your writing straightforward and extremely clear.
You can immediately begin writing in the Hemingway editor to proofread your work and see where you need to put more emphasis.

Some of the features
A) Clean and Easy interface
B) Suggestions are detailed
C) No need for an internet connection
D) Export your content as well to any outside editors, such as Microsoft Editor.

If you need an absolutely FREE software
Use – After The Deadline

I hope you guys will get benefits out of this list.

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