Top 4 Free VPNs for Windows

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Internet is a scary place when you actually realize that you are watched.
Not only that, when you use Free WIFI during your time at Cafe, you have no idea what can happen to your privacy and security.

It is too much and we just can’t run away from the internet.
So, are we stuck?

Not really.

Here we bring in the list of Free VPNs for you to get yourself covered!
So here we go

Top 4 Free VPNs for Windows

1) ProtonVpn

One of the most well-known and used Free VPNs. It is very safe to use, an open-source and got unlimited data usage. Although you will get a limited server location here and won’t be able to access Netflix and all. So this can be a trade-off but overall a great option.

2) Avira Phantom VPN

This is also a good one. Does not have the best features altogether but more importantly is secure with military-grade encryption. And its free version doesn’t require any details from you like email and all. So can be a very easy-to-use option.

3) ExpressVPN

One of the best by far. Very fast, unlocked Netflix, zero lagging, and a ton of options for servers. Moreover, it is very secure and thus trusted by a lot. So, a great choice indeed.

4) Hotspot Shield

This was one of the best Free VPNs in terms of speed. But this was a year ago. Although it is still very good now, with a very decent speed and a lot of free servers to use from. But the privacy stories have been pretty complicated for a while now. So, can a decent choice.

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So, now it is your choice!

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