Top 4 Free/Paid Calendar Apps for Productivity

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Calendar Apps have always been a favorite of Productivity experts.

These are easy to use and super helpful in keeping a to-do list and managing other tasks!

So here is a list of …

Top 4 Free/Paid Calendar Apps for Productivity


This is one of the most favorite Apps for any Productivity Guru, if not the favorite.
Fantastical is a multi-platform app and software and is only available for iOS and MAC only.

Apple users are not always happy with their default calendar app, so they move to this one and indeed this is a way better alternative.

This app is deeply integrated with the Apple ecosystem and that is its USP.
Its easy-to-use interface and super easy sync and its capability to use voice to create events make this app the best in class. It also connects and integrates with other calendars like Google calendar and all.

Also, being in sync with the Apple ecosystem, this app is big on Privacy. That’s a plus point.

Cost – It is a paid app with a free trial.
And it starts at $4.99/month.

Outlook Calendar

Very well know and widely used Calendar app and people who are completely into the Microsoft ecosystem love this!
Also, this is available for both iOS and Android.
Integrate greatly with Office365.

Simple to use and with multiple views, and with so many added features, this becomes one of the best calendars out there in the market.

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Cost: It is Free to use.

Google Calendar

Good old Google Calendar.
Ever evolving and always adding features.

Best cross-platform calendar app. The easiest one to use with lots of features and views and with such an easy and in-time sync, it is by far the fastest.
If you use Google mail or any other Google products then, hands down you can’t beat this app.
Moreover, it has easy integration with almost all apps, especially the productivity apps, so it is a very big plus point!

Cost: You know that it is Free.


This is mainly used for scheduling meetings for teams and individuals.
Also, a well-used Calendar app, and with the integration with scheduling features, it is a great app to use.

It also integrates with a lot of other apps and does with Zapier.
Overall a good one to choose from.


So, choose the best one for you.

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