Top 4 FREE Alternative to ProCreate – 2022

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(This list contains apps for Android, Mac, and iPad OS)

These days, digital art is hugely popular, largely because of painting and sketching programs like Procreate.

Graphic designers now have a quick and simple way to exhibit their creativity thanks to these apps. They have a variety of features and tools to improve their skills.
Although Procreate is a fantastic tool, Android users cannot use it.
So, we will start with some excellent apps for our Android users as well as iPhone users.

So, here is the Top 4 FREE Alternative to ProCreate


You will get a lot done with this app, and it is actually a lot, like producing admirable drawings, honing your sketching techniques, and doodling with a digital pen.You could say that Concepts is the Android equivalent of Procreate. It has a clear, organised interface and a variety of pens, pencils, and brushes. Additionally, it provides a wonderful layering technique for your artwork. You can export your work in JPG file or share it with others.
Also you get Realistic brushes, pens, and pencils are included.
and also a complete limitless canvas.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Who hasn’t heard about Adobe and we all know how good their products are.
Adobe Photoshop Sketch is the perfect tool for expressing your ideas and creating works of art utilising natural pencils, pens, brushes, markers, watercolours, and other art-making supplies. You may divide the screen for easy access and to avoid getting confused between the tools; on one side, carry on with your sketching, and on the other, select the tools whenever you want.

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Also, It enables you to share your artwork with the community and view the artwork of others.
Your artwork can be exported to Photoshop and Lightroom.


Best one in terms of a complete FREE alternative.
Digital sketching is made very natural with Krita and it is actually pretty good. You receive default brushes and textures to let you create a variety of creative forms. Additionally, the brushes can be altered. An integrated reference panel and colour wheel are also features of the programme.
While drawing, you can move the toolbar to a more accessible location, add shortcuts, alter layouts, and do other things.
Indeed a great alternative


Procreate has practically all of the most exceptional tools you’ll need to create the most exquisite artwork, but Autodesk SketchBook is a more than adequate substitute. This program is designed to teach users of all skill levels how to create original sketches, designs, and other crafts on their iPad, iPhone, Android device, or wherever else they’d like to draw.
You can export your work to different formats including JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc., and it features an intuitive user interface. You can count on Sketchbook if you’re looking for Android applications similar to Procreate.

Here if you need it, you can get the Pro and it is completely worth it.

So, here is the list of Top 4 FREE Alternative to Procreate – 2022

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