Top 4 Best Personal Finance Apps in India | 2022

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Peter Drucker said, “ What can be measured, can be managed”

This is so true and holds the best value for Finance. 

But with today’s busy lifestyle, people rarely get the time to sit down and note every single financial transaction they make over a period of time. And this is exactly where technology comes in.

We bring in the list of several apps which will automatically track all of your income, expenses, investments, debts and finally will provide you with a glimpse of your financial position.

Doesn’t this sound cool?


Top 4 Personal Finance Management Apps in India



Like any other app, this does all kinds of daily tracking and summarising your transactions

But it is one of the best money-saving apps. It provides a pretty good recommendation by tracking previous expenses. 

Also, it syncs with a lot of File storing and sharing apps like Google, Dropbox and all others.  



The wallet is one of the well-known apps on this list. 

This also does the same thing as tracking expenses and all. T also compares and recommends us according to our personal finance needs.



Same as the other ones. A fairly new app, which does its job well.

Also, it keeps your data backed up on the website so you will never lose your data. Thus making it a good choice and also it can export your data in several file formats.  

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Both iOS and Android App automatically track and secures your expenses. Absolutely helps you find the place you spend most, thus helping in maintaining a budget. Also, it helps in splitting the money with others.

Also, you can avail a personal loan with an average rate of interest of around 14% ( this rate might not be correct). So this is an advantage. 

Always can do a few other things like using UPI and generating and exporting reports like many other apps.

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