Top 4 Alternatives to TrueCaller

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Back in those days, when TrueCaller was just introduced, it was revolutionary.
At least that’s what we thought.
Anyways, it was actually so useful. And today almost every other person is using a call identifier and mostly, the well-known TrueCaller.

Now, all these come with some drawbacks.
One is, it uses too much battery. One of the main reasons behind battery drainage is this app running in the background.
Thus, we bring to you some of the best alternatives to TrueCaller

Caller ID

With more than 10 million downloads and a rating of around 4.1, this can be a good one.
The app can be used as both your preferred messaging and dialer. Caller ID has a simple user interface and is quicker than the other apps.
Also, this app is battery-friendly and also a pretty tiny app. So all in all okay app.

Eyecon Caller ID

Now, this app can recognize calls and display names and photographs of incoming callers. It actually syncs with social network profiles.
The program creates a photo-based address book and dialer by syncing with Facebook and other social networking sites to determine the real images of your contacts.
Thus making it better than TrueCaller.
And with over 50 million users worldwide, this can a very good alternative.


An all-in-one app for chatting, dialing, and blocking calls is called CallApp. With over 100 million downloads on PlayStore, it is one of the most popular apps.
The app’s ability to record both incoming and outgoing calls is a blessing for every user of its. You will also see reminders for missed calls as well as some AI-powered insights, which can be really helpful.
Thus a good one too.

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With over 65 million downloads and an overall very good review, this might become the best of all.
The offline database of this service, which enables users to recognize calls even when they are not connected to the internet, is one of its strongest advantages and can beat almost all others.
WhosCall can also prevent spam calls, blocking particular numbers, tracking unknown numbers, and more, in addition to the ability to identify callers.

Now, it’s your choice. Choose any one of these and you will be good to go.

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