Top 4 Alternatives to Fortnite Game

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Fortnite has been one of the most successful games right now.
But if you are someone who is not that into Fortnite but still looking for something in that field, then we got you covered.

Here is the list of

Top 4 Alternatives for Fortnite

Call of Duty

Warzone – Good old Call of Duty. Who hasn’t heard about this game? In this game, you jump into a war zone with 150-other players in total. This also got cross-play support and you can purchase killstreaks here.
No matter how long you play this you will never get bored here and that’s the reason people love COD.

Apex Legend

One of the all-time favorite battle royal games created by Respawn Entertainment. This is based on the TitanFall universe and here you come in with your friends to win. Simply, with very distinct power and abilities. You guys can play in a group of 3 and like many other games, you get lots of weapons which you can combine with different skills and all. So, go in there, hunt for weapons,s and start exploring!

Halo Infinite

This is one of the closest to that of Fortnite. Although the style is a little different it is the same in a lot of other ways.
Also, Halo infinite’s multiplayer game is absolutely free and also a cross-platform thing!
With dozen of players and colorful weapons, this is a pretty excellent game for any gamer!

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

An extremely action-packed multiplayer game that can take the place of Fortnite anytime for any gamers out there. A very common name in FPS games, the one, and only Counter-Strike, is here in the list.

Now the gameplay might be a little different but the feel is the same. There will be two teams, and your job is to keep your team winning till the end. As you are playing you will have to complete other tasks like planting bombs or defusing bombs, depending upon your team.

All and all a very exciting game with impressive gameplay.

Thus, giving you guys the best options or alternatives!

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