Top 11+ Productivity Apps & Tools To Get Things Done (2022)

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11+ Best Productivity Apps & Tools for 2022


It’s easy to get distracted with the internet constantly offering up fresh content and entertainment and also it is quite difficult to keep up with it. These small distractions create huge effects on your life. You might feel like it is just 5mins, but these minutes add up to become 5 hours.


This is exactly where productivity apps can help you guys. 


Some of the best productivity apps allow you to keep track of your To-Do list, manage your email, organise your files, take notes, and get things done in the midst of all of the distractions. There are tons of productivity apps out there, so it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth your time. 

So, here we will dig in and find the best of the best productivity apps to make your day effective.


List of Top Productivity Apps this 2022





This is exactly what the name suggests. A complete to-do list app. Helps you keep a list of things that you need to wrap up or just things that are super random. This app does the best.


Google Calendar


A complete calendar. When you start using Calendar with your daily to-do list apps, you will know how easy it gets to keep a track of things.


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One of the most loved and powerful project management apps. It can help you keep a track of things, maintain notes, write a whole journal, manage and share documents, file sharing and many other collaborative works. This does it all.



By far the best Note-taking App. It does the job perfectly. It keeps everything digitally organised with all options for export as PDF and Images and many more. It is a must-have app.


If you ever write something on your computer, you are going to need this. This is one of the most useful tools. It is a proper Grammar, Spelling checking app. It is one of the best of its kind and it comes with an extension which automatically gets activated with you’re writing anything..




A Habit tracking app. It helps you maintain and stick to a habit with a very fun and a different approach to it. It creates the whole thing as a video game. It makes it RPG and whenever you do well with your habit schedule, you kind of level up. Which makes it really fun.



An app to keep you focused. It actually grows a virtual plant whenever you complete a full focus session. And if you touch the phone before your session is over, you kill the tree. This all makes it fun.





A very effective team communication app. It helps you divide teams by channels and that is very helpful. The fun part is chatbots, these bots do a lot of repetitive tasks like welcoming people and other stuff automatically.




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A simple and easy to use Task Management app. This helps you collaborate with your teammate and to get project updates like Ongoing, Will Do, Done. Very visual layout with boards for different projects.





Another app to keep you away from Distraction. It is very simple, you give access to the apps which don’t want to distract you and Freedom will block them for the said time period. It is a cross-platform app and thus helps a lot.




A very simple app which comes with an extension for your browser. It helps you save web pages offline for you to read later. Kind of a bookmarking tool but made very simple and precise.



Bonus: Serene (only for Mac OS)

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