Telegram Premium! Know the Hidden Features, Price and other Details

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Telegram has gotten some real attention in the last few years. It is one of the greatest cross-platform messaging apps and with its regular updates and features, you can’t avoid it.

Although started as a Free-to-use platform, it is about to change now.
Now, they are about to bring in a new feature and named it the “premium”.

Telegram Premium” is the subscription-based model for the privacy-focused instant messaging service.

In very simple words, if you use telegram for free, then you should be willing to accept a few ads here and there. Now, these might not remain ad “few” but still.

Telegram is about ready to officially launch this subscription service.
Although it has already started to roll out for the Beta users, that is too limited.

Anyways, the premium service will bring in tons of new features, and that too exclusive!

Now, coming to the Price, it is expected to be around $4.99.
What you will be getting in the premium subscription, is kind of vague now, although certain things are expected to change in near future.

And here are a few of these.

• Doubled Limits.
• 4 GB Upload Size.
• Voice-to-Text Conversion.
• No Ads.
• Unique Reactions.
• Premium Stickers.
• Advanced Chat Management.
• Profile Badge.
• Animated avatars.

Now, these are just some expected additions.

So, just wait for the release, and let’s see if you like it or not.

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