List of Top Classic Family Movies to Stream this Weekend

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The weekend is around and you are super excited to spend some quality time with your family.

But, you are absolutely confused about what to see. What to watch?

So, many good movies to choose from and that too for a family to watch.

Don’t worry. We got you covered.

Here is the list of

Top Classic Family Movies to Stream

1) Jurassic Park

Look I don’t know when you will be reading this, but this is the time Jurassic Park is coming with a new film in the franchise. So, I couldn’t help putting it in the first place.

Now, no one needs an introduction to this movie.
Just another Spielberg movie magic.
This is a story about a mathematician and 2 scientists who were invited to a theme park, with real dinosaurs.
Now, as the story goes, things seem fine but that till to a certain point.
Due to some powercut, the dinosaurs got out of the cage and there begins the thrill.
I believe is enough for anyone who hasn’t seen this film. So just go and start watching with your family.

2) Home Alone

Classic alert.
Kids favorite. This is a story where the McCallister family leaves their son behind as they were going on a trip to Paris.
Fun fact, Kevin didn’t mind at all. But there the problem starts as two robbers were to rob their place.
The story revolves around how Kevin protects his home and how he did everything to stop those guys. A fun ride indeed.

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3) The Star War Franchise

One of the best franchises of all time. With an intrusive space drama as the theme and tons of action and flights, you can afford to miss this franchise.
This film showcases the ongoing fights between good and evil and has given us some of the most famous characters.

4) Back to the Future

This is about time travel.
A beautiful sci-fi film, which is way ahead of its time. The story is about a teenager and a “mad” scientist, traveling time, and that to 30-years!
More to this is that they meet their parents, or rather parents when they were teenagers. It makes a great and epic story when they meet, with a high stake.
You will find out when you watch it.

So, what are you waiting for, choose one of these and enjoy your weekend with classics?

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