How to Create Facebook Traffic ADs

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Steps To Create Facebook Traffic ADs

Facebook ads help you to grow your business online. Billions of people have already tried Facebook ads and they have got results from that. It will be beneficial for the businesses as it will push your products to the right customers and help you to turn them into sales.

Step 1: Go to ( Meta Business Suite)
Step 2: Click All Tools on the left hand side, then Ad Manager ( Under Advertise Section)

Step 3: Choose a campaign account from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen ( here Cadabams)

Step 4: Select (+Create) from the green menu.

Step 5. On the new campaign pop-up window, select traffic as a campaign objective and then click proceed.


Campaign Level:

Step 6: Create a name for your campaign.

Step 7: If you’re producing two ad sets, turn on campaign budget optimization; if you’re not, leave it alone.

**If campaign budget optimization is enabled**

Step A: Decide on a daily budget.

Step B. Decide on an INR budget of 100, 200, or 300 every day.

AD Set Level:

Step 8: Next, name the ad set the same as the campaign ( if creating two ad sets, include men or women or different criteria)
Step 9: Change the ad delivery optimization to Landing Page Views (under optimization and delivery)
Step 10: Add a daily budget, a start date, and a time, then select an end date and time (preferably 23:59)
Step 11: Select a range of ages from 18 to 65 (You can change it according to the needs)
Step 12: In the event of certain ad sets, select gender.
Step 13: Enable detailed targeting and select the “reach people beyond detailed targeting” checkbox.
Step 14. Select manual placement and select Facebook and Messenger for Facebook and Instagram for Instagram, then click next **Check

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Step 15. Name the ad the same as the campaign.

Step 16. Select the client’s Facebook/ Instagram profile.

Step 17. Select manual upload in the ad setup and then click on single image, video, or carousel as needed.
Step 18: Go to Add Media and upload an image or a video teaser.

** Download the creatives, then go to meta, select add image, go to upload, select the image(s)/video from your computer, click open, and it will be uploaded, then click the image(s)/video you want as creative and click next, crop the dimensions as needed, click next, click allow enhancement, and click done. The ad preview will be seen on the right side.

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