Few WhatsApp Business Features that You should Know About

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Businesses are going completely digital nowadays and many businesses can’t think of handling their business without WhatsApp Business.
Everything starts from being connected, order, after the sale, everything is primarily on Whatsapp Business and that is so cool.
But we highly suspect that people are not taking full advantage of all the features that are available to them. Organizations are not using some of the best features of WhatsApp and today we will discuss that only.

We will cover some of the extra features of WhatsApp business that people should know about

Quick Reply

These are some messages that you have to respond to frequently asked questions. Quick answers allow you to save and reuse messages that you send regularly, allowing you to quickly respond to popular questions. To send a rapid reply, simply use the “/” key on your keyboard.

Automatic Greeting Message

You have the ability to write a welcoming message for users who start a conversation with your organization or after 14 days of inactivity on WhatsApp for business. With waiting time, you can introduce your company to a new potential consumer by sending an instant message.

To create a greeting message: Greeting message can be found under Settings > Business settings > Greeting message. You may either create a new greeting message or edit an old one from here.

Label Contacts

You can manage your contacts by labeling them and categorizing them for easier access. This allows you to quickly search through your contacts while also grouping and organizing them.

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To add a label to a new contact: On the client’s chat page, click the menu button, then select a label and save.

To add a new label: On the client’s chat page, click the menu button > select “New label” > save.

Catalogs and Collection

This will allow you to display its products so that customers can simply browse and inspect products they are interested in purchasing. You don’t have to transmit every item, price, and description one by one like you used to with catalogs. There is no need to drive your consumers to the website since you have everything on WhatsApp only.
You can add all kinds of information to each item in your catalogs, such as the price, description, and product code.

Interactive Business Message

This kind of message will allow you to insert interactive and visually appealing buttons. There are two sorts of buttons:

– CTA: the user will be led to a certain homepage or will be able to make a phone call by clicking this button.

– Quick reply: allows users to respond using predefined alternatives rather than having to put the response in manually.

This helps in a seamless customer journey.

Hope these features will help you grow faster!

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