Common Challenges To Effective Communication

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How To Do Effective Communication

In this period of global emergency, people are finding it difficult to communicate with each other. Covid19 has got us stuck inside the home. It leads to psychological breakdown sometimes. It is affecting the vaccination process also. The problem arises as people are not aware of the importance of vaccination. Here, the poster is going to discuss the common challenges and barriers to effective communication:


 Physical barrier: People in the UK often think that going to the vaccination centre might cause them to covid positive. They think that there might not be enough distance between people which is why people are afraid of going to be vaccinated. That’s why it is creating physical barriers among the people(Saied,2021).


 Emotional barrier: It is extremely important that it satisfies one’s emotions. The process of vaccination has been haphazard so far. People in the UK are not feeling secure when they ask for vaccination. We all know trust issues raise emotional barriers(Kabbash,2021).


Information barrier: Wrong information often leads people to misunderstand. The information has to be accurate as people do not have any idea about this pandemic. Another problem is the lack of information. People are not getting as much information as they should have got. This is creating information barriers(Saied,2021).


Attitudinal barrier: People are getting into a negative attitude towards vaccination. They are thinking that they might not require covid vaccination to be safe. They do not want to hustle to get the vaccine.

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Cultural barrier: Culture makes a huge impact on communication. Language differs in different cultures. It is not possible that everyone can communicate in English. There are certain people who are not going to the vaccination centre just because of a lack of communication skills. This is affecting the vaccine process(Rosen,2021).


Effective strategies for overcoming communication barriers


Both-way communication: Communication is a both-way process. It is extremely important for people to talk to each other in order to communicate. It breaks the shackles and removes misunderstandings that the people possess. Thus people can address their issues and the government officials can solve their problems. It will allow people to get access to the right kind of information. It can break the information barriers(Waitzberg,2021).


Effective promotion: Effective promotion can really make a change in people’s perspectives. Effective promotion can make people dive into vaccination. It is a lot easier to attract people and engage them and educate them about the problems. There are media and digital platforms which the government can use for effective promotions. It can help people to know more about the vaccination process and related information. It can break emotional barriers(Magadmi,2021).


Campaigning: Government officials can run a campaign to make people aware of the vaccination process. They can even run a campaign that supports the fact that language can not be a bar to get vaccinated. If the employees can connect with the local people they might be able to make them understand that without knowing English one can go and take the vaccine(Hartal,2021). There are people in the vaccination centre to help everybody. It might help to break physical barriers.

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Tone of voice- It is extremely important to be polite when someone is talking. The tone affects the conversation. It has the power to make someone fall for one’s words. Whenever the officials are talking about something serious like this they have to be confident and firm, thus it will break the cultural barrier(Rosen,2021).

Requesting feedback- When someone asks for feedback it shows that the person is taking them seriously. People in the UK will think that they really care about them and want to solve their problems. It will break the chain of the attitudinal barriers.

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