Business Directory Listing Process

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Learn About Business Directory Listing


There are two types of listings: 

  1. Local Business Listings.
  2. Global Business Listing.


We all know that SEO helps us to increase our website rank. It comes under off-page SEO. Before jumping into the process, you should know a few things about business listings. There are a lot of websites that offer you to add your websites as a guest. The more traffic generated, the more chances your product will come to the limelight. 


Global Business Listing

The approach for global listing is different from local listing. If you run your business globally or you can ship your product anywhere in the world, or your service can help a global company, then only it can be considered an international business listing. When you are solving a global problem, you can list your product or services on these global business listings sites so that people will come to know about your business.


Local Business Listing

If you have a local business, then you should target local people who will be beneficial for your product or services. It helps to increase your SEO score. So if you are listing your business on local business directories, it will be easy for people to find your business, shop, or services. Local listings boosts your sales and generate revenue.

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Steps to follow for listing


Registration Process


  1. Identify the websites for listing. (Local listing/ global listing).
  2. Make a sheet and ask the company to give all the information. (Name, established year, number of employees, phone numbers, email credentials, social media profile links etc).
  3. After entering the website, try to find out registration page.
  4. Go to the registration page and fill all the information like email, password, phone numbers, address etc.


Business Listing


  1. Once you create your profile, find “add business listing.”
  2. Go to the “business listing” section and put all the required information.
  3. Once you fill all the information, submit the listing.
  4. Once you create your business listing, try to find the “verify” option. Check mail to verify your listing.
  5. Verifying the listing might take 3-4(max 60 days) days.


Post Listing Process


  1.  Check if your profile is “live” or not on their site.
  2. Search on google if it is visible or not.
  3. If your profile is not visible, go to their “contact us” page and submit a request for help.
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