Best Trading App in India | List of Top 4 Mobile Trading Apps 2022

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With an increasing number of people getting into the Stock market and into the world of investing and trading. Companies are also evolving. New players are coming up each year to make the process of trading and investing easy.

Thus, over here we have listed the top 4 mobile trading apps in India.

We have highlighted the important points but we strongly suggest, you go through their Policy pages, Terms and Conditions before signing up. 

Top 4 Trading Apps in India 2022


This is in the first place because of a few reasons. Zerodha has been loved by a ton of Indians.

It is known for its tech-savvy approach and it makes it one of the best discount brokers. The main highlight is the absolute Zero brokerage fee on Equity Delivery.

The App is equally awesome, Provides all the tools and chart types for your analysis. Thus a great choice. 


  • Rs20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per trade for Intraday.


Upstox Logo

This one is the best for share trading in India. You get a very fast and smooth experience.

It executes trades real fast and that helps a lot. Also trusted by a lot of users in India.


  • 0 commission on trade.
  • 0.05% or up to Rs. 20 for all Intraday.


Also a widely known product in the market. Used and trusted by a lot of Indians

You can make trades here and they also provide curated portfolios for your investments, made by experts.

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  • Rs.0 Brokerage charges on All Delivery Trade & Trade.


By far the simplest app on the list. Provides a ton of options and that too in the easiest manner.

You can do a lot with these apps, trade all different kinds of instruments, be it gold or you can start Mutual funds, so like everything is here only. This makes it popular.


  • Rs20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) brokerage fee per trade.
  • Rs20 brokerage fee per order for F&O.

Disclaimer – Read through all the Paper and Information on the Official websites of the Brokers. Even the prices may vary over time. We request to go through the sites individually before signing up. 

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