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After our last List of Discord Servers for Popular games, comes our next list for our beloved Gamer Friends!

Now Discord is the go-to place for all types of gamers. Be it PC games, console games, and browser games, you can find people on Discord to be your partners.

This kind of Server and Community is great for Professional Players. It helps them improve their gameplay.

So here we gathered a list of the best servers for you.

The list for Best Apex Legends Discord Servers 2022

Apex Console

Now if you are a PC gamer, then you know how important this platform has been in terms of Apex Legends’ success. But the number of console players is not shy of great.
So, this happens to be the best community for all the console gamers!
Here you can find teams, and group up with them. Also, a player where you get a lot of information on the latest updates and news about the game.
This server also allows you to show how proud you are of your achievements.
So all in all a super community.

Discord Link –

Apex Legend Status

This is not exactly a community if we consider how it works.
But if you are a regular in the game then you might just be a part of this server.

This is where you get all the information regarding the game. May it be the status of connection on the server or any other pieces of information, you will get it here.
Again, you can participate in different giveaways if you are a loyal member of this community.
Other stuff is making a team, getting new strategies and all comes as a part of member in this community.

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Discord Link –

LFG Global

So, if you looking for a partner in your team for your duo’s gameplay, you are at the right place.
This is the best server for team making, even if it is more than 3 players.
One of the biggest Apex Communities that mainly helps people find the best partner for the game.
No matter your skill level, you will find the right people to play with.

Discord Link –


If you are actually a very serious gamer, this is the perfect place for you.
Here you will find the best of the best and these are also very serious players and are super eager to climb the ladder to become the Apex predator.
There is a lot of competition here and if you are okay with that, then just join now.
Nothing can be better than a community of like-minded people.

Discord Link –


Hope you guys will like this list!

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