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What Is Bengali Theme Wedding?

It is a fact that Bengalis always seek a bit more relaxation. They love to enjoy any occasion with their family and friends and always seek happiness. There is a saying which says, “baro mashe tero parbon (thirteen occasions in twelve months)”. We all know how they celebrate Durga Puja or Christmas but have you ever visited a Bengali wedding?? If you haven’t then you should.


Eye soothing

It is a treat to watch a Bengali wedding and especially when you are doing all the work on your own. From floral decoration to the food menu you’ll get everything special on that day. It is an extravaganza served with love.



Nowadays everybody hardly gets any chance to be together. But if there is a wedding, people try to attend that one just to come to a single place with all the cousins, kaka (uncle), kaki (aunt), mama, mami, dadu (grandfather), dida (grandmother). Before the night of the wedding, they spend sleepless nights just to have that Adda (chat). Everywhere you’ll find a happy vibe.


Season Of Competition

The idle time of getting married in winter. As they live in para(locality) they also get invitations from other people’s marriage also. If someone doesn’t get an invitation their life counts in vain. They get into the competition to have more invitations in a single year.



A Bengali wedding is a 3-4 days affair. But the ambience starts to create 7 days before the wedding. Friends and neighbours come to their house just to know how things are going. They don’t even hesitate to help them if needed. There are so many rituals that follow a Bengali wedding.

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It is basically a Bengali version of a bachelor party before the wedding. The bride or groom are invited by their friends or different family members and offered food, clothes, and jewellery. The dish includes five different types of vegetable fries, fish, chicken/mutton, Mishti Doi, and Rosogolla.


Surya(sun) Nimantran (invitation)

Elder members of the family go to a nearby pond and invite Surya(sun). It is done to get blessings from the sun for their happy married life.


Gaye Holud

The whole of India knows this ritual as Haldi. The pasted turmeric is sent to the groom’s house. They put the paste on the groom’s body while he takes a bath. Similarly, it happens with the bride also.



Whatever things a newly married couple needs to kick off their family is given in the form of tyotto. It includes everything from hairpins to clothes.


The W-moment

After all this time finally, the moment comes when two souls finally meet with each other. The Brahmin is chanting mantras which they are following. Everybody stands together making a circle just to look at those moments.


Subho Drishti

A bride can look like a fairy in a Benarasi saree with paan pata hiding her eyes. The bride has to take down her pan pata to look into the groom’s eyes.


Mala Badal (exchanging of flower garlands)

They have to exchange their garlands 7 times.


Sindoor Daan

At the very end of the rituals, the groom has to put on the sindoor on the bride’s forehead.


The Big Buffet

A Bengali wedding Is incomplete without a rich buffet. Starter, main course, dessert whatever things are needed for a perfect buffet it has all on the list. And especially if the wedding is in winter you’ll find Nolen Gurer Sandesh and Rosogolla. Even you might find Nolen Gurer ice cream which tastes heavenly.

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Kaal Ratri

That night of marriage is called Kaal Ratri where all the cousins and friends sit together and have a chat with the bride and groom.



The very next day of marriage the bride leaves her house and goes to the groom’s house. It is a very emotional moment where many people cry.



This ritual focuses on the bride. She is offered food because we believe that when a girl comes to a new house she is considered Laxmi. At night the groom’s family also arranges another big buffet which includes all the ingredients that must have been included to make it special.


Once you attend a Bengali wedding you’ll fall in love with the elegance and aura of this.

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