5 Best Gmail Alternatives in 2022 (Free Lifetime)

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Gmail is one of the most popular email services and we all, and almost everyone uses Google. We all know that.

But even after all the services it provides, there are few privacy concerns that people have.

The most common being, that it might scan mail to provide relevant ads. We all have seen that. Whether it is real, good, or bad I don’t know.

Although no one is reading your mail but still!

So, because of all these some people are looking for better or rather more private mailing services.
And this is where we come in to provide the best 5 Gmail alternatives.

Here are the 5 Best Gmail Alternatives


This is a very good free Gmail alternative which provides a choice of over 200 domains.
It is very good for people who don’t want to spend money on a new domain but also want to look professional. Can be a great option for freelancers.

It is also very secure and comes with 2 Factor Authentication for extra security. Also got its own anti-virus tool.
Finally, it has a clean interface.

Proton Mail

A well-known data encrypted mail provider.
Your data is encrypted on the client-side under a zero-knowledge policy, this way your encryption key stays on your device and no one else can your mails.

This is one of the best Gmail alternatives. Try it.


This is also a well-known Gmail alternative.
It provides free accounts with an end-to-end open source email platform.
It provides encrypted mail and storage system and also got 2 Factor authentication for extra securtiy.

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This provides all the basic services that an email provider can provide.
Even importing mail from other platforms is also easy.

The downside is that end-to-end encryption is not enabled by default. You have to set it up manually.
Otherwise, this is all good!


This is one of the most heavily security-concerned platforms. If you are worried about your privacy in Gmail, then this can work well for you.

Mailfence provides encryption. You will be able to set up a password and even an expiry date for emails. This can be actually good.

So this one is good for privacy and it does provide all other tools like any other mailing platform.


Conclusion – Choose any one of these and you will be good to go!

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