5 Best Github Alternatives in 2022

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You must already be aware of Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub. Open source projects have traditionally been hosted on GitHub. However, many open source projects shifted to a GitHub substitute once Microsoft entered the market.It’s no secret that Microsoft has a negative opinion of the open source community (although who knows, maybe they’ve changed their minds). Some proponents of open source are outright hostile to Microsoft. If Microsoft were to take over GitHub, open-source engineers would undoubtedly start looking elsewhere.To help you host your Git repositories, I’ve produced this post to offer several deserving substitutes for GitHub.

So here are the Top 5 Alternatives to Github


Dmitriy Zaporozhets and Sytse Sijbrandij created the open-source Git platform known as GitLab in 2014. It offers interaction with various third-party programs like Trello, Slack, Microsoft Teams, JIRA, and many more. It handles Git repositories with functionality comparable to GitHub. In addition to code review and problem tracking, the Enterprise Edition also includes capabilities like locking files, repository mirroring, multiple project pipeline graphs (in CI/CD), and more. So, it covers everything starting from the most basic functionalities to the most complicated ones.


Atlassian offers BitBucket as a hosting solution for version control repositories. Other Atlassian project management tools like Jira, HipChat, and Confluence are seamlessly linked with it. This makes it a popular option for large businesses. But using BitBucket is not restricted to large businesses. There is something for everyone there. It is free for projects with up to five team members, as you can see from the pricing of its hosted account.
BitBucket is still free to use for open-source projects with more than five contributors. All you need to do is fill out a community license application and follow Atlassian’s open-source policies.

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Marcin Kuzminski introduced RhodeCode, an enterprise-level open-source platform for managing source codes, in 2010 to manage source codes using Mercurial, Git, and SVN repositories for major software projects in IT businesses. This platform also offers a wide variety of GitHub-like capabilities.
There are two versions of RhodeCode: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. While the latter is made to match the demands of the company, the former is open-source and free. It includes corporate-valued features including standard enterprise authentication, breakthrough prevention, and ready-made integration with already-existing company applications. Premium technical assistance and application monitoring are also included.


On this list of GitHub alternatives, SourceForge is yet another well-known name.
Several open source projects have found success on SourceForge. Through SourceForge, several Linux distributions and projects make their downloads available. Offering the required tools, it enables developers to produce open-source applications. The rise of a more user-friendly GitHub took a toll on Source Forge’s popularity. But now that Logan Abbott is in charge, SourceForge has revamped its user interface and is working to reclaim its former position as a home for open-source code.

Also for GitHub users who want to migrate, SourceForge offers tools to import whole GitHub repositories or a subset of repositories into current projects. That’s a big plus for anyone.

Google Cloud Source Repositories

This Git repository hub, which is a part of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), offers larger software projects and increased scalability through cloud deployment. Additionally, it is compatible with a number of GCP services, including Google Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, and others. Security with Google’s encryption in data centers is a remarkable aspect. Additionally, it provides free and automated code debugging through private repositories.
Also, the “Free-tier” offers data egress and 50 gigabytes of storage.

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