5 Best Chrome Extensions for Massive Productivity in 2022

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If you fall under the group of people who are working on their desktop web browser more than anything else, then this list is for you.

You know the amount of distraction that comes your way every single day of work life.

You open your browser to work, 10mins into it, and you are already on a different tab, most probably on Facebook.

This is exactly where we can help you. Chrome gives you a ton of extensions at your disposal, for you to use. And many of them are to keep you focused and minimize distraction.

Here, discuss the top chrome extension that minimizes your distraction and increases productivity.


5 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity in 2022

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook


As the name suggests, it eradicates the newsfeed.

Facebook is one of the major causes of distraction, but people do need Facebook for their daily work, most people in the media industry. So here comes the solution.


This extension simply eradicates the News Feed. You log in to your account, do your task, maybe post or something and that’s it. You will have nothing on your newsfeed to distract you for hours.



This extension provides a plethora of engaging sounds for you to focus on your work.

Noisli has a library of songs from which you choose the track based on what you want, some of the tracks are



Nature and many more.



The extension helps you decrease the amount of distraction or cut off the distraction for you. It will let you set a fixed amount of time that you wish to spend on different platforms like Youtube, Reddit and others.

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So once you hit the set amount of time in a day, StayFocused blocks that website automatically for the whole day.

This forces you to stay away from that platform for the rest of the day.



It is one of the most useful extensions maybe every single person uses.

As the name suggests, it checks your grammar, gives you suggestions, correct spellings and so much more.

This is a must-use extension for anyone writing online.




This is a social bookmarking extension.

You can search, bookmark, share, annotate and do other kinds of stuff with this extension on the web.

It can be very helpful for people who are into research and all.

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