5 Best Cheap Domain Registrars of 2022 | How To Choose The Best One

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5 Popular Domain Registrars To Buy Cheap Domain Names


Now, you may be a small business or a huge one, but at the end of the day, you need a name, rather than a domain name.


So, after finding a name, the next process is to register one. Although it has been fairly easy nowadays to buy a domain, the availability of so many registrars can make you a little overwhelmed. 


It can be difficult to choose the right one. So, today we bring to you the top 5 Popular Domain Registrar in 2022

Where to Buy Cheap Domain Names from? Here’s the List





Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited company and it has a renowned name in the business. It has the best prices, great customer support, and tons of offers to play with.



Provides all kinds of domain extensions and it also provides free professional email but that is for a 2-month trial.




General Pricing 



.com: $7.98 per year
.net: $8.98 per year
.org: $7.48 per year




A renowned name in Hosting selling, since it has some of the best packages and services but also got great offers on Domain names.

So, if you are looking for great hosting with a domain name, then this is the place.


General Pricing 



com: $12.99 per year
.net: $14.99 per year
.org: $9.99 per year


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People are quite familiar with this name. GoDaddy also provides full service or a complete website solution. 

It is a bit costly but it does the job well. 

It provides major kinds of domain extensions and also has a few offers to attract customers. 


So if you are looking for a full-service website solution, choose GoDaddy.



General Pricing



.com: $11.99 per year
.net: $14.99 per year
.org: $9.99 per year





The name suggests it all. It provides some of the widest range of Domain extensions.

They also provide other services like website builder which is quite an easy-to-use service.



General Pricing



.com: $8.99 per year
.net: $12.99 per year
.org: $8.99 per year




A very player in the space. 

And doing quite good. Apart from Domain names, they also provide associated email accounts and all.

Moreover, they give free WHOIS privacy protection and that’s a plus point but the overall price is a bit higher than the other one.



General Pricing



.com: $12.99 per year
.net: $15.49 per year
.org: $13.99 per year


So, there is a handful of names and we believe we have given you all the information you need to take a call. Finally, we suggest going with the well-known names.

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