4 Best Minecraft Discord Servers (May 2022)

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If you are anyway near the Gaming community. Then you know the value Discord brings.
A great server can make any game exceptionally fun and with a community, it is more fun.

Thus, Discord servers growing exponentially fast.

So, naturally, there will be servers that are specially made for one of the most famous games – Minecraft.
In Minecraft Discord servers, players can chat, play on servers together, and also can request help and so much more.

Here is the list of the Best Minecraft Discord Servers.

1) Purple Prison

Purple Prison is one of the largest Minecraft servers for Prison and has a large community. It is also one of the best.
Moreover, due to strict guidelines, your community is very non-toxic. So all in all a great place with over 55000 members.

Link – https://discord.st/server/pp

2) ChillBar

A great name I have to say. Thus a community of fun-loving huge community of Minecraft players.
This got a lot of voice channels. With dedicated music and other fun stuff.

And you can also chill out over there with great people.
So, a great place for friends to hang out.

Link – https://discord.com/invite/fun

3) Official Discord Server

This is the Best community for the Minecraft Discord server to join. And this is also the Original one.
With the biggest community and great people all around, this is by far the best.

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You get everything that you can expect from an Official Group. All the sneak peeks, new releases, and all that.

Just join if you are a player! Although it can be a little hard to Join.

Link – https://discord.st/server/minecraftofficial

4) Mystic

This is like the other ones. A great community of around 30K active users.
And also, a great community for anyone who is interested in Giveaways.

All in all a good place for friendly chats and gameplay!

Link – https://discord.com/invite/DUu28cTMYU


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