4 Best App Lockers for Android You Can Use

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With more and more questions arising on Security, perhaps the most basic security app is the app lock. It protects your other apps from prying eyes by locking them. You won’t need to be concerned about someone getting access to your banking, Facebook, or gallery apps. They perform best when used in conjunction with a lock screen lock to provide you with two levels of security.

But, there are so many of these, which one to choose from? Which one is the most reliable?

Note, that the app locker does provide minimal security if your biometric is compromised. But still using these can increase the layers of security.

So, here is the list of Top 4 App Locker for Android


AppLock by DoMobile Lab is by far one of the top Android Lock Screen apps.
You can set a pin, pattern, or password using software that has been installed on your phone. If you have Android 6.0 or higher, you can also utilize the fingerprint password.
allows you to change the backdrop of your lock screen

Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock is one of the best lock screen apps.
You can choose to lock your screen and secure your installed apps by using a password, PIN, or pattern.
enables you to lock your pictures and videos in a vault to keep them safe from trespassers.
adds a degree of security to protect your private, financial, and confidential information.
You have the ability to lock all, some, or select apps by following the app’s recommendations.

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Apex Launcher

The fact that Apex Launcher has an app lock feature makes it a great launcher. The launcher’s features are rather impressive and include a number of customizations, icon pack support, different effects, and the ability to conceal some components, such as the dock or status bar if you wish them to be invisible. Additionally, there are some app security features, such as the capacity to conceal programs from the app drawer and an app lock feature with a password protection layer for added security.
Thus this can be used as both a good launcher and an app locker!

LOCX App Lock

One of the smoothest app locks for Android is known as LOCX App Lock.
Which allows you to protect your lock apps, private images, videos, chats, and more. Your apps can be locked using a PIN or a pattern. Also, a pretty light app, thus are no issues keeping it on your device.

You can store private images and movies in the vault to protect them from trespassers.
allows you to lock your phone’s settings, gallery, contacts, or messages.

So, here is the full list of Top 4 Android App Locker, for you!

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